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Founders’ fund aims to kick-start Vancouver’s tech community

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Fresh off their sale last June of wearable technology company Recon Instruments to Intel for $175-million, the Vancouver startup’s former CEO Dan Eisenhardt and chairman Fraser Hall have launched the Vancouver Founder Fund (VFF). The Recon co-founders hope the $10-million venture capital pool – which could grow to as high as $15-million in the coming weeks if they can bring …

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Stylish furniture shipped to your door, without the markup

In e-commerce by Tyler

Plenty of online startups have taken aim at ‘the middleman’ in an effort to lure consumers with lower prices. But every industry has its own set of middlepeople, and some are easier to cut out than others. Take the furniture industry, for example, where multiple layers of buyers and sellers can leave consumers paying three to five times what manufacturers …

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Eyeing up the future

In Technology by Tyler

Big ideas are excitedly nurtured on the MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship track at UBC, Vancouver. Comfort zones are replaced with brave new worlds. Breath is held. And all hopes are pinned on a breakthrough. Which is exactly how multiple award-winning technology company,Recon Instruments and their GPS-enabled Micro Optics Displays for ski goggles were born. When competitive swimmer Dan Eisenhardt dreamed up high-tech …

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Interview: Recon Instruments CEO Dan Eisenhardt on selling to Intel

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Following last week’s purchase of Vancouver-based web-enabled sports eyewear maker Recon Instruments by chip-maker Intel Corp. for a reported $175 million, I spoke to Recon co-founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt about the deal, what it means for both companies, and the opportunity in the wearables market. CB: How did this deal come about? Dan Eisenhardt: We’ve had Intel Capital as an …

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Intel Acquires Recon Instruments

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Yesterday, Intel completed its acquisition of Recon Instruments. Not only is this a huge milestone for us and a pivotal event in the consumer electronics industry; we at Recon believe this is also a tremendous opportunity that will lead to amazing things, just as much for us as for our customers. Let me explain why. Intel is an ideal partner …