Our Team

Our Team

Dan Eisenhardt


Co-founder and former CEO of Recon Instruments (acquired by Intel ’15), Dan is recognized for bringing the first consumer Heads-up Display technology to the market. In so doing, he turned a technology, once only used by the military, into a fashionable, affordable solution for sports use.

His passion for sport coupled with his outgoing personality defines his approach to business: persistent and resourceful. Dan splits his time between Vancouver and San Francisco. When he’s not courting entrepreneurs and executives alike, you can find him pounding the pavement on his bike, Jet glasses affixed.

Fraser Hall


A lifelong entrepreneur, activist and technology leader, he brings order and calm to fiery situations. Fraser has experience co-founding and operating bootstrapped and venture-backed businesses, notably: Recon Instruments (Co-founder, Chairman), Bryght.com (Co-founder) and Hall Pacific (founder).

As an animal rights activist, having served as Captain for Sea Shepherd on many campaigns worldwide, he fights for transparency and equality; values he carries into his ventures. A contrarian by nature, Fraser is a self-proclaimed “fire-fighter” – the kind of guy you need on your side during the tumultuous process of building and scaling a company.

Jay Rhind


Entrepreneur (failed 2x), reformed corporate finance analyst, associate professor at the Sauder School of Business and scuba-diving instructor, he brings a pragmatic and analytical approach to the fund.

In his spare time, he is an active spear fisher (for real), skier, and tennis player. Jay is responsible for deal sourcing, due diligence, LP communications and is part of the investment committee.

Our Partners

The importance of who you select as your funding partners is one of many critical decisions a founder will make. Investors should offer you more than just capital. The frequently quoted but rarely delivered on concept of value-add investors is something we pride ourselves on delivering.

Having been through both bootstrapped and venture-backed businesses we know what its like to be on the other side of the table. In fact we’re not convinced there has to be two sides of the table. Partnership is the goal.  We succeed by helping you succeed. Sometimes that’s getting in the trenches and other times it’s having the humility to step back. Venture Capital with integrity.

Vancouver Founder Fund leads or co-leads seed rounds ($100k-$1m) in companies based in Western Canada.

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